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Successful Z-Riders must navigate their flight-capable zebra between moving spikes, across spiky checkpoints, reach the little red flag, and save the day. (Use your imagination a little, okay?)

Trapped in a seemingly endless loop of time and space, our intrepid protagonist and their trusty zebra are doomed to repeat their dangerous screen-crossing adventure again and again, facing faster-moving spikes, boredom and repetitive strain injury until they succumb to a spiky death or Can Ride No More.

Fear not, intrepid Z-Rider! You need not face this epic day-saving task alone. Grab a friend and they too can experience the thrilling Z-Riding action in 'exciting' 2-player co-op mode.

The game supports XBox360 controllers using the left stick and B button, or you can play using the keyboard (A, D, and W for Player 1, Left, Right and Up for Player 2).

[Designer's Note: This game was made in January 2014, and maybe should have been part of Flappy Jam. It was shown at GameCityNights at the end of January 2014, where at least six people played it. Although it's fairly simple, making this game taught me a lot. Its codebase started life as a coin-collecting platformer in early 2010, the first videogame I ever made. The flight element evolved out of my inability -at the time- to prevent players from performing infinite jumps. That game went on become a prototype called 'The Economy of Jumping' in which coins were collected and then used to pay for jumps, which were used to collect more coins. Zebras entered the process as part of an invented joke mode for a 'dressage' game invented for -but never shown at- GameCity8 in October 2013, in which you move a silhouette of a horse around a sand-coloured screen to music and receive fictional or judge-awarded points in respect of perceived artistic expression. The notion of 'Zebra Mode' then set a precedent for the off-hand evaluation of videogames by whether or not they have a zebra in them.]

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Published2 years ago
StatusOn hold
AuthorHazel Savage
TagsCo-op, flappy, flying, hard, Multiplayer, spikes, zebra, zebras
Player countSingleplayer


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